Theatre Works: 2019 Artistic Rationale

In 2019 Theatre Works launched three public programming streams, a framework to support its creative programming: BECAUSE NOW, BECAUSE HEART, and BECAUSE FUTURE.

BECAUSE NOW: Theatre Works’ commitment to produce and present new works that are enabled and financially supported by Theatre Works.

BECAUSE HEART: Theatre Works’ commitment to enabling and developing more artists and works through subsidised venue hire and in-kind support and mentorship.

BECAUSE FUTURE: Theatre Works’ commitment to training, education, development, thought leadership, and being future focused.


To develop this new framework Theatre Works led a series of collaborative and consultative public discussions. The process engaged over 150 people including artists, local community members, former board members, staff, and long-term audience members.

“Our ultimate aim to inspire more people to discover, create and love theatre”

“Through our new programs BECAUSE NOW, BECAUSE HEART and BECAUSE FUTURE, Theatre Works can become more fully engaged with the communities that surround us. Ultimately we want to embody the many lived experiences of our community and celebrate our complex cultural tapestry in everything we do.”

“The call out is open to artists, companies, writers, directors, makers, and performers, we’re offering different platforms and opportunities within each program,” says General Manager, Dianne Toulson.



Through BECAUSE NOW, we hope to facilitate pressing conversations and enable urgent works that must happen. We want to serve the complexity of this very moment and be responsive to now by enabling artists and works that must happen.

Theatre Works will support productions, through an open and engaged process.


  • Theatre Works is seeking productions in 2020/21
  • Theatre Works will offer In-Kind Venue, production, technical, marketing and producing support and a generous box office split
  • Theatre Works wants to prioritise new works, but we are open to remounts that are urgent and important to our mission.

We’re super interested in ideas that will surprise us and stories that are not being told – the rise of right wing voices, capitalism, gender, identity, violence, politics.

We’re interested in both stories and artists that will engage our old Parish Hall. To work from Acland Street to connect with our neighbourhood and to connect with the complexity and oddity that is St. Kilda. We are talking works which draw from and reflect the talent, concerns and dreams of St. Kilda.

We are talking works that are interdisciplinary. We’re talking the full gamut of performance. Smaller works. Large scale works. Performances that engage the audience/audient. Live art. Encounters. Comedy. Opera. Musical Theatre. Dance. Circus. We’re even up for a well-made play with a narrative and characters…

We are also interested in having fun.

In 2020/21, we are particularly interested in works that:
• are specifically for children and young people
• engage First Nations Artists and stories
• reflect both specific ethnic identity and multiculturalism
• engage with notions of language and translation

Our aim is for a season that is presenting work of the highest standards.