If you’re interested in making work at Theatre Works in 2019 & beyond, you’ve come to the right place.

Expression of Interest Form

St. Kilda’s Theatre Works is calling out for new artists and works.

In 2019, Theatre Works will launch three public programming streams, a framework to support its creative programming:

BECAUSE NOW: Theatre Works commitment to produce and present five new works, that are enabled and financially supported by Theatre Works
  • BECAUSE HEART: Theatre Works commitment to enabling and developing more artists and works through subsidised venue hire and in-kind support and mentorship
  • BECAUSE FUTURE: Theatre Works commitment to training, education, development, thought leadership, and being future focused

Theatre Works ultimate aim to inspire more people to discover, create and love theatre.

Applications are now open for Theatre Works 2019 BECAUSE NOW and BECAUSE HEART programs.

The closing date for this EOI process: September 7, at 5pm.